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As a multidisciplinary graphic designer, my services cover various areas of the design industry: branding, logo design, art direction, UI animation, web design, mobile apps, identity, presentations, and leadership.

Thanks to my previous experience in web dev and collaboration with various companies, both on a permanent and contract basis, I've been consistently delving into various facets of the design industry. This ongoing exploration not only sets me apart within my professional circle but also fuels my passion for creative innovation.

Here's the count of days in my design industry journey, which continues to increase with each day, bringing new challenges and inspiration.


My creative workflow

  • 01

    Research, Art Direction

    At this stage, I conduct in-depth research to define project goals, target audiences, analyze competitors. Afterward, I begin working on an art direction to find the best visual style.

  • 02

    Web, Mobile, UI/UX Design

    I create user-friendly and creative user interfaces for websites and mobile devices, ensuring an exceptional user experience. My aim is to blend creativity and uniqueness with user convenience.

  • 03

    UI Animation, Interaction

    Using Adobe After Effects, I experiment and create animations and interactivity for a more engaging user experience, incorporating dynamic elements and micro-interactions.

I prioritize understanding user goals, tasks, expectations, and product-related issues to enhance digital project development.

User research and feedback play a crucial role in the development of digital projects. In any UI/UX project, research, experiments, A/B tests, and other forms of interaction are important. It is crucial to put myself in the user’s shoes and ask questions.

Service Wireframing
Service Art Direction
Service Final Design
  • Founder, Creative Mules

    Alex has an exceptional ability to grasp the essence of a project, allowing us to get on the same page effortlessly. He is quick to generate initial ideas, and welcomes a pleasant team communication. Over years, he became a crucial asset to our team.

  • Brand Manager, Hoste Cocktails

    I'm incredibly grateful for Alex's outstanding work. I wish I had four hands so I can give Alex four thumbs up. He’s flexible, a damn good executor, and quicker than a hare. His contribution was instrumental in turning our vision into a reality. Absolutely 5 stars.

  • CEO, Flok App

    Alex always helps us improve our application, we can safely say that Alex is our creative director. We're delighted to collaborate with him, continually enhancing the user experience.

  • Project manager, SimpleSprinkle

    Alex stands out as one of the finest designers we've had the pleasure of working with. His commitment to quality and timely deliveries is unparalleled. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking top-tier design services.

  • Marketing Specialist, GovAssist

    Alex is an extraordinary UI/UX designer, distinguished by his distinct style. Our project was executed swiftly and flawlessly. I admire his design approach, rapid work pace, and unwavering professionalism.

  • Project Manager, FLYR Labs

    Alex exemplifies professionalism and is a valuable team player. He played a pivotal role in making our product truly unique. With his ability to offer ingenious design solutions and deliver exceptional work at remarkable speed.

  • Creative Director, WalkPlaces

    Once again, Alex, your design contributions consistently impressed us! Your honesty, speed, and commitment to excellence shone through in your work. Providing wireframes prior to the final design was just one of many demonstrations of your skills.

  • Marketing Manager, Tasha

    Thank you so much, Alex. All the design you contributed to looked always great! Alex is not only exceptionally talented but also works with remarkable speed and integrity. Always provided me wireframe ahead of doing the final design.